How to choose the size of your handbag

If there is one thing that shows that luxury leather goods have been able to adapt to everyday life, it's the size of the handbags on offer from the major Fashion Houses. Gone are the days when you had to compromise on the contents of your luxury bag – because it only came in a mini version, and because it was worth it! – the most famous pieces are now available in sizes that meet every need. Read Vintega’s tips on how to choose the size of your bag, as we take a look at the formats of iconic bags for you .

Vintega's tips

IIt goes without saying that when choosing the size of your bag, you must first think about your needs. Do you want a handbag that will accompany you on a daily basis? A clutch to complete your evening looks? A practical tote bag for short trips?

Whatever you plan on putting in your bag, it's important to choose a size that will allow you to fill it up without having to force it. Stretching leather is one of the worst treatments you can inflict on it, as it could permanently alter the original shape of the bag. In addition, by overloading your purse, you risk having a bottle spill or a tube explode in it. Only expert hands would then be able to repair the damage.

Available sizes for the Chanel Timeless

The favourite bag of Chanelfans, the Timeless is available in 6 different sizes to suit all needs. The smallest bag is the now famous Wallet on Chain, a wallet version of the Timeless ideal for all those who want to have their essentials at hand without having to carry a larger handbag.

The most classic size of the legendary accessory is the Timeless Medium Classic, and it is also the size that you will find the most vintage Chanel Timeless bags in. You can easily fit a small wallet, hand cream, lipstick and a cellphone in it.

In case you need more space, there are two slightly larger sizes available: the Timeless Grand Jumbo and the Timeless Maxi Jumbo, which are respectively 11.8" and 13" in length. It is also worth noting that Chanel Timeless bags are known for their many small pockets which allow you to organize the interior of the bag so that you can put more things in it!

Available sizes for the Louis Vuitton Speedy

The success of the Louis Vuitton Speedy is closely linked to the evolution of the sizes made available for this bag by the French Fashion House. One of its most coveted sizes today, the Speedy 25, was created after Audrey Hepburn requested a slightly smaller version of the Louis Vuitton handbag. There are now 5 classic sizes ranging from them Nano Speedy to the Speedy 40. The Speedy 40 is the star of airports; it's big enough to carry your essentials for a city break.

Louis Vuitton also periodically releases limited edition bags in different sizes, such as the Speedy BB or the Neo Speedy, a longer cylindrical model. These rare pieces are more easily found on the second-hand market, alongside Speedy 25 and Speedy 30 bags in a variety of materials and colors.

Available sizes for the Louis Vuitton Alma

Since it was first launched in 1934, the lovely and unique Louis Vuitton bag has successively been made bigger and smaller. The Louis Vuitton Alma bag is now available in 6 sizes which come and go with each new collection: Mini, Nano, BB, PM (for Petit Modèle), MM (for Moyen Modèle) and GM (for Grand Modèle). The largest size is currently no longer on offer from Louis Vuitton, but you can find several second-hand Alma GM handbags on Vintega's online store.

Alma PM and MM bags are the most common sizes, and the biggest stars are often seen carrying them. Their generous dimensions will allow you to place a large number of accessories in them – wallet, diary, small umbrella and even a makeup bag.

The most recent additions, Mini and Nano, reflect the trend of tiny bags: we can now carry our favorite luxury bags in a miniature format!

Available sizes for the Hermès Kelly

Let's face it: we wouldn’t turn down any size of the Hermès Kelly! So it's a good thing that this handbag comes in 8 different sizes, ranging from the Kelly 15 to the Kelly 50 (this number refers to the length of the base of the trapeze bag), not to mention some of the limited editions. 

The small models capture all the sophistication of the famous bag in an accessory to be worn as a cross-body clutch. For reference, the Kelly 20 can hold a pocket book or a small wallet, for example.

The Kelly 25 and 28 are the most popular sizes. Their standard dimensions mean that they can accommodate all your essentials, but aren't as deep as a tote bag You can find a nice range of vintage Hermès Kelly bags in Vintega's selection of iconic bags!

Available sizes for the Hermès Birkin

The Hermès Birkin is one of those luxury bags whose rarity does not always allow you to choose exactly the color, size or material you want. But the magic of vintage means that certain limited edition pieces often resurface on the market: among the second-hand Hermès Birkin bags, you can find all the sizes designed by the Parisian House!

The Birkin bag is available in 4 main sizes: the Birkin 25, the Birkin 30, the Birkin 35 and the Birkin 40. The two largest sizes can hold a small laptop or a few items to go away for the weekend with plenty of style. The luxury bag has also been adapted in 50, 55 and even 60 cm long versions for some specific collections. These models can be used as travel bags.


Pssst, if you can't decide on just one bag size, no judgement from us at Vintega! For one, two or three vintage bags, big or small, visit Vintega's online store.

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