F for Fendi

Like many world-renowned haute couture houses, Fendi is first and foremost a family story. Its iconic bags are the result of a unique know-how and well mastered codes, which have given birth to models that are recognizable among thousands. Spotlight on the success of the Fendi bagswhich is due to anything but chance.
A perfume of Italy...
The Fendi saga began in Italy in the 20's when Adele and Edoardo Fendi opened their boutique in Rome. Specialists in fur and leather goods, they created handbags in their small workshop that combined elegance, originality and know-how. Customers come from all over Italy to use the services of this "power couple" before their time. When the quality is there, the message spreads quickly: as soon as the 1950ss, the Fendi bags are gaining ground on the international fashion scene, boosted by the arrival in the company of the five daughters of the Fendi couple, determined to turn the little treasure created by their parents into gold. Over the decades, the House of Fendi has carved out its style and defined its signature: with Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla and Alda, the ideas flow, and so do the new collections!
... sublimated by the hand of a German designer
As if the energy deployed by the Fendi girls was not enough, they decided in 1965 to call upon a young German designer whose name may be familiar to you: Karl Lagerfeld. The man who made his mark in the workshops of Pierre Balmain and Chloé accepted the challenge, and a new chapter opened for the Italian House, which would propel it, along with Lagerfeld, to the rank of world star. Under the Lagerfeld era, the Fendi bags are gaining in brightness and glamour. Like the ready-to-wear collections that are launched in the 1970sThe leather goods section highlights one of the materials worked on by the House since its beginnings: the fur. Although somewhat neglected by other haute couture houses, Karl Lagerfeld chose this material for his first collections. He dyed it, combined it, braided it and shaped it to create modern and unusual models. It is this love for fur that inspired the German designer to create the famous double F buckle by Fendifor "Fun Furs", which the afficionados of vintage bags love it.

Italian roots, a touch of German creativity and an American success story: the Fendi luxury bagsIt is the fruit of a successful melting pot! The famous designer remained associated with the House of Fendi until his death. A key player in the innovative collections of the 1980s, he then formed a powerful duo with Silvia Venturini Fendi, the representative of the third generation of the Italian House. Together, they continued to drive Fendi's evolution through the ninetieswhich mark a new turning point for the brand with a distinctive style.
Fur and fantasy
F for Fendi... but also for Fur and Fantasy! With its innovative bags, both in shape and choice of materials, Fendi reigned supreme in the 90s. A decade of flamboyance and openness to change, it was a particularly successful period for the Italian House.  Building on the success of the incredible Fendissime and her multicolored fur pieces, the new artistic director will launch in 1997 a handbag which remains today one of the luxury bags the most iconic of all decades: the Baguette bag. With its long format and short strap, the small bag is a sensation. Seen on the shoulder of Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine of Sex & the Citythe model becomes a star. If it also makes you dream, go to Vintega's online store to find a Baguette or a Mamma Baguette second hand ! By combining heritage, elegance and exuberance, the House of Fendi has created the perfect cocktail, which makes Fendi one of the favorite brands of luxury leather goods. The designer Kim Joneswho took over as artistic director after the death of Karl Lagerfeld, continues to cultivate this sparkling spirit with brio.
The most trendy Fendi bags
Want your share of this colorful Italian cake? Here are some of the Fendi bags the most popular.  As mentioned above, the Baguette is without question the bag the most famous of the House of Fendi. It has adopted a multitude of looks over the years - sequins, bangs, quilting featuring the Fendi signature - and has thus successfully crossed the different waves of the fashion world. You can find several models of Vintage Baguette bags on Vintega, alongside of Mamma Baguettethe slightly larger version of the famous accessory.

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For a bolder look, adopt one of the character pieces launched by Fendi shortly after the Baguette bag. The Spy and the To You are definitely part of the most original bags from the Italian House and will allow you to complete your contemporary and elaborate outfits. With their gathered look and short handles, these Fendi bags are worn on the wrist. Low waist jeans, sequins and atypical accessories: the 2000's revival is now! Wiser than its peers but just as trendy, the Peekaboo by Fendi is one of our favorites. If its trapezoidal shape and its elegant clasp recall the flagship models of the 60s, this small bag is however well anchored in our era! In mini version, it is one of the best representatives of the micro-bag trend. Need more space? The Boston bagThis round and curvaceous bag is the perfect companion for shopping trips, and its monogram canvas will please all Fendi fans.

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Be sure to check the Vintega online store regularly to see if the second hand Fendi bags has grown. Fall for a Mamma Baguette or watch for the arrival of the adorable Moonlight bag It's the life you've decided to lead, and Vintega is there to support you!  

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