Luxury bags: the major trends for 2023

As soon as the year 2022 is over, we are already looking forward to the year to come, and more specifically to what it will bring in terms of fashion! While the Fall-Winter 2022-2023 collections already suggest a great return of minimalist and timeless handbags, the haute couture houses have more than one trick up their sleeve. We have deciphered the 2023 luxury bag trends for you: all you have to do is draw up your wish list!
Style trends for 2023
You may have noticed it by looking at the catwalks of this end of the year: the trend will be resolutely to chic and timeless bags. However, elegance does not rhyme with boredom, the decorative details will come in 2023 to decorate the handbags in a subtle way. And these details will clearly mark the return of the 2000s style in the dressings! We note for example many games of relief on the luxury bagswhich take various forms according to the creators. The pearls will be among the stars of the season: they invade the Prada bags and bring a dreamlike touch to the Chanel clutches. Crystals, sequins or feathers will also join the party to bring even more glamour, as well as bags in braid or with a "sculpted" effect, which bring out the signature logo. Another trend for 2023: the small upper handlefor bags worn in the hand or on the wrist. If this style already had a special place in our hearts thanks to models like the Lady Dior or the Bolide d'Hermès bagThis year, it will make a comeback for all designers. From iconic models revisited to atypical contemporary versions, the round and short handle will be the chic asset of outfits throughout the seasons. The longer straps will show a subtle originality, with mismatched double straps or chains with links made of metal and Plexiglass, notably seen at Fendi. Finally, if we had to keep only one color in 2023, it would be silver! From light shades to a metallic effect, this sparkling yet timeless color will make luxury bagsincluding the most famous models of Chanel and Gucci.

The 2023 trends on the format side
In terms of formats, the end-of-year fashion shows highlighted bags of various sizes, but always with thepracticality taken into consideration. This is the case for mini bags They are very present in the last few years and will remain one of the key trends in 2023, but with a revised functionality. Less gadgetry and more thought for everyday life, they adopt structured lines. We love these small accessories that complete a look with dynamism and efficiency! Paradoxically, 2023 will also be the year of XXL ! Large rigid bags " version working girl From the "tote" to the more flexible tote, luxury leather goods are taking over casual codes to create new products. tote bags very practical. The slouchy bag was particularly represented in the fall-winter 2022-2023 collections, adopting materials as varied as leather or velvet. Special mention for the bouncy and cozy aspect of puffer bags identified in Loewe.

The trendiest designers in 2023
If it is difficult to choose among the great Houses for the year 2023, some collections have particularly caught our attention. And if your future luxury bag was in one of them? At Vintega, the Bottega Veneta bags particularly thrilled us: the revisits of the famous Intrecciatothe name given to the braided look that has become a cult of the Italian House, have caused a sensation. Available in natural and modern colors, these handbags also take many forms - bucket bags, backpacks, small and large large pockets. It's a safe bet that they will all be very popular this year! We also like the small bags sophisticated Pradawhich are in line with the sleek trend of the season. Their elegant and minimalist lines are just right! Finally, how can we not mention the great classicsWho once again found their way to our hearts? The pearls and textured effects of Chanel, the casual chic of Louis Vuitton or the delicate embroidery by Dior will not go unnoticed in 2023.

The Vintega selection
Now that the presentations with the trends of the coming year have been made, there is nothing left to do but choose the luxury bag that will accompany you in 2023! To make it easier for you, we share with you our selection of bags to shop right now. With timeless classics being some of the most fashionable pieces, this is where our roundup of the trendy bags for 2023 begins. The Timeless by Chanel or the Louis Vuitton Alma bag are a safe bet when you want to complete your collection. To vary the pleasures and be 100% in line with the fashion of the year, why not turn to a silver version of these models? At Vintega, you can discover some of the most popular iconic second hand bags who have adopted this color with flair. If you're looking for a little relief, check out our selection of vintage Gucci bags. From Marmont backpacks decorated with pearls with Dionysus bags with fabric flowers or sequined tigers, the Italian House's pieces are anything but smooth, in every sense of the word! At Gucci, those who have decided to give in to the temptation of the bag with a small top handle will also find their happiness, for example with a Nymphaea bag with bamboo handle, one of the famous attributes of the brand. But this is not the only nugget available on Vintega: with a Lady Diora Peekaboo by Fendi or even a Kelly of HermesThe "trend 2023" mission has been accomplished - and with a signature model, to boot.

Finally, fans ofIntrecciato will be delighted to find various models of Bottega Veneta 's slouchy pre-owned bags and Padded Cassette bags in a variety of shades.


From metallic bags to mini formats, Vintega's online store has already caught up with luxury bag trends 2023 !

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