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Selling on Vintega

Selling on Vintega


General Questions

General questions


Buy On Vintega


  • What can I buy at Vintega?

    Vintega offers a wide range of luxury second hand bags. Our offer covers all the top luxury brands (Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc). Discover our page of available brands on our website or our mobile application by clicking here .

  • Are your bags genuine? Are they original?

    Yes, all our bags are authentic and guaranteed by us. Our experts verify the authenticity and quality of each bag and are available to answer any questions you may have. Vintega strongly condemns the sale of counterfeits in any form.

  • How often does Vintega add new products?
    We add new items every week. You can visit our New Items page to see our new items before they are sold out.
    You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive our new items and offers.
  • Can I get a discount on my purchase?

    We offer our customers quality products with one of the most competitive pricing policies on the market. Our prices are, unfortunately, non-negotiable.

    Nevertheless, we regularly offer specials and promotions that you can find on our website or mobile application by following the link here .

  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Vintega accepts all credit and debit cards. We also accept paypal payments.

Deliveries and returns

  • What about delivery after my purchase? What delivery options do you offer?

    Following your purchase, we offer a delivery option:

    Shipment via a carrier (Chronopost, DHL or UPS...): our products are sent in indefinable packages. Please note that all our shipments are tracked, insured and require a signature upon arrival.


  • How long does it take Vintega to ship my order after my purchase?

    The items you buy from Vintega are available in our warehouse. We commit to shipping your item within 24 working days. Following shipment, you will receive a tracking number to follow your item.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    - In France: delivery is free for all purchases over 500 Euros. For purchases below 500 Euros, we charge a delivery fee of 15 Euros.

    - For shipments within Europe (excluding France): a delivery charge of 30 Euros is applied. Please note that for shipments outside the European Union, the customer is responsible for paying any taxes, duties, VAT or any other costs at the time of delivery other than the purchase price from Vintega and the delivery cost.

    - For shipments outside Europe: a delivery charge of 60 Euros is applied. Please note that for shipments outside the EU, the customer is responsible for paying any taxes, duties, VAT or other costs on delivery other than the purchase price from Vintega and the delivery cost.

    Please note that all our shipments are tracked, insured and require a signature upon arrival.

  • What are your delivery times? How can I track my order?
    We are committed to shipping your item within 24 working days of purchase. The delivery time varies depending on the destination and the carrier. We provide a tracking number at the time of shipment so you can follow your package in real time.
  • Can I change or cancel my order or address after I have purchased?
    We accept changes and/or cancellations within a maximum of one hour after your purchase. For this purpose, please inform us of any changes or cancellations by e-mail to the following address lara@vintega.fr

    After your purchase has been shipped, we are unfortunately unable to make any changes to your address or order.

  • What if my item is marked as received but I haven't received it?

    If your parcel is marked as received, please check your delivery details to ensure that you gave the correct address at the time of ordering. Also check with your guardian, neighbours or anyone living with you to see if they have received the package on your behalf. 

    Contact the carrier to report the situation and lara@vintega.fr in parallel.

  • What is Vintega's return policy?

    We accept returns for items sold in France and the European Union under certain conditions:

    1) The items purchased must be in the same condition as shown on our website in the product page.

    2) The Vintega seal on the bag must not be cut or removed.

    3) You have 14 days after receiving the item to request a return. After this period, returns will not be accepted. The date of receipt is the basis for calculating this period.

    4) All returns must be requested by email to lara@vintega.fr within the 14 day period indicated above. Please indicate the number of your order in the request for return.

    5) Following your request, we will provide you with a prepaid shipping voucher. It is imperative that you use our packing slip to ship the item within 14 days of receiving the packing slip.

    6) It is mandatory to ask the carrierfor proof of delivery. Without this proof, Vintega is not responsible for packages not scanned by the carriers.

    7) The cost of the shipping note used for the return of purchased items is at the customer 's expense (18 Euros in Metropolitan France, 30 Euros in other European Union countries).

    8) After the return and the verification of the items, we will proceed directly to the reimbursement on the payment method used for the initial purchase. Please allow 10 to 15 days for your refund to be processed by our teams.

    Please note that Vintega does not accept returns from outside the European Union.

Selling on Vintega

How does it work?

Shipments and returns

  • How do I send my bag to Vintega? Is it possible to collect my bag at home?
    After accepting our offer to purchase, you have two non-paying options for shipping your bag:
    - A prepaid shipment via Chronopost, DHL or UPS.
    - A professional will come to you at the place and time you want in the Ile-de-France.
  • How do I prepare my shipment?
    Once you have accepted our offer to purchase, and if you choose prepaid shipping, here is how to send us your item for analysis by our experts:

    1) Clean your product well 1) Clean your product well: this will avoid a price reduction or rejection of the item.

    2) Choose a package suitable for transporting your item. Please respect the rule of only one item per parcel. Each item must be sent in its own parcel with the associated delivery note. Please choose a non-identifiable package without any product identification.

    3) Pack your item to protect it We recommend that you wrap your item well to prevent damage. You can use bubble wrap, air cushions, newspaper or at least kraft paper to fill the empty space. If your item arrives damaged, we will be obliged to return it and our offer will be withdrawn.

    4) Download the delivery notePrint it out and stick it on the parcel before handing it over to the carrier.
  • What happens after I send my bag?
    After sending your bag. We receive it, we check its conformity to the initial description and we confirm our offer of repurchase. You can then accept or decline the offer.
    The cost of returning the item, amounting to 18 euros, will be at your expense in case of refusal of our offer, non-authenticity of the bag or non-conformity
  • Is there a charge for sending the bag to Vintega?
    Vintega will pay the shipping costs for your bag. However, the cost of returning the item in case of refusal of our offer, non-authenticity of the bag or non-conformity will be at your expense, and amounts to 18 euros. 
  • I sent my bag to Vintega, how do I track it?
    All our parcels are transparently traceable, both when they are sent and when they are received. You can track your parcel on your customer account and/or via the website of our logistics partners.
  • I have sent my bag to Vintega, can I still change my mind?
    Yes, you can always change your mind. The sending of your bag does not oblige you to sell it. Upon receipt, we will confirm our offer to purchase. Only then can you confirm your wish to sell your item.
    The cost of returning the item will be at your expense in case of refusal of our offer, in case of non-authenticity of the bag or non conformity.


  • When will I get paid?
    Once we have received your bag, we will confirm our offer. As soon as you confirm its acceptance and choose the desired payment method, we proceed immediately to payment.
  • What are the possible means of payment?
    Vintega offers 3 means of payment:
    - Bank transfer
    - Paypal
    - Cheque (only in Ile de France for bags collected by Vintega)

    All payments made are secure.
  • Why haven't I received my payment?
    All payments are made via Vintega within24 hours after final acceptance of our offer. The time taken to receive the money in your account may however vary depending on the payment method chosen:

    - Bank transfer: bank transfers can take from 2 to 10 days depending on the bank. Please check your bank account to verify receipt of your payment.

    - Paypal : paypal payments are usually immediate.

    - Cheque (only in Ile de France for bags collected by Vintega) : cheques are delivered by hand.

    After the transfer deadlines indicated above, you can contact your bank or payment organisation to clarify the delay. You can also report the delay to us by contacting email on : contact@vintega.fr

General questions


  • Who is Vintega?
    Europe's first marketplace entirely dedicated to the second life of luxury bags. Sell your items to Vintega in total security, with the promise of an immediate estimate and fast payment. Discover and buy unique pieces, authenticated and checked by our experts.

    Vintega is independent and is not affiliated with any of the brands we sell.

    Visit our About Us page for more information!
  • Selling on Vintega
    Vintega allows you to give your branded bags a second life, safely and through a simplified experience: submit a request to sell your bag, we come back to you immediately with a buy-back offer in less than two hours, working days. Only if you are satisfied with our offer, we proceed to payment within 24 hours after receipt and authentication of your bag. Also, you don't have to worry about endless logistical constraints, we take care of it.
  • Buy on Vintega
    Discover and buy the most emblematic pieces on Vintega. All our bags are carefully selected, certified by our experts and available for delivery within 24 hours. We only sell pieces that we love and that meet our quality standards.
  • Is it safe to buy or sell on Vintega?
    Every transaction with Vintega, whether buying or selling, is subject to strict rules of security and transparency from start to finish, whether it is a payment, a guarantee of authenticity or simply sending or receiving your product.
  • What brands are available on Vintega?
    All top luxury brands (Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc). Discover our page of brands available on this site by clicking here.
    Vintega is not affiliated and/or associated with any of the brands listed on this site.
  • How to contact us?

    Want to contact us? Nothing could be easier, you can:
    - Call us on +33 7 62 32 65 29
    - Or write to us at contact@vintega.fr
    - Or fill in our contact form 

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Do you have a showroom or a shop?
    Not yet! We are actively working on it and will be happy to inform you as soon as it is ready! In the meantime, we are available to travel and meet you anywhere in the Paris region!

Product authentication

  • Are the bags genuine? Are they original?

    All our bags are checked by our experts for conformity and quality. In the event of a second opinion, we will refund the full amount of your purchase. Our team is available to answer all your questions.

    Vintega strongly condemns the sale of counterfeit goods in any form.

  • How does Vintega authenticate its products?

    Each part is subject to several checks by our in-house experts. In case of doubt, we call on external partners for an expert service and thus validate the conformity and quality of our products.

  • What is the guarantee when buying a bag from Vintega?

    Vintega fully guarantees your purchases on this platform. In the event of a counter-examination following the purchase of a bag on the website, Vintega undertakes to take back the product with a full refund of the purchase price.